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What is a Life Coach?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This is a question I get asked often and in the past I’ve tried to think of a clever way to describe it, but with the rise of awareness of the Life Coaching industry I don’t get the question quite as much. But when I do get asked I like to say I’m a coach for this sport we call life!

Everyone that wants to get better at something usually employs a “teacher” or a “coach”. We have personal training coaches, speech writing coaches, public speaking coaches, weight loss coaches and the list goes on and on, but what if you don’t know what you need coaching on, you just know something isn’t right. Maybe you are in an amazing career or profession, you have a wonderful relationship, you don’t really have weight struggles (OK, maybe there are two of you out there that don’t struggle with your weight!) you function pretty well in the world but you just feel like something is missing. Or, maybe you have a goal you’ve tried to accomplish in the past that you never succeeded at and you’ve justified not achieving it somehow, but do you really need a coach?

I’ll give you my story. My first career was in banking and that spanned 20+ years, and then I was a very successful sales and account manager for several major corporations for another 15+years. I did very well in both.

I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve been married for 40+ years. We have no children BY CHOICE (that's another question I always get asked “why don’t you have kids? You would be a great mom!”) Ah, no I wouldn’t. Anyway, I digress. I have a wonderful family and friends. I live on the west coast of the US for the best months, spring, summer and fall, and I live in South Florida for the other best months, WINTER! We have two beautiful homes and we love to travel. Sounds great right? It is. But something was missing. I felt emotionally flat for some reason. I thought it was hormones (actually every doctor I went to convinced me it was. IT WASN’T.) I thought it was depression. Maybe because if the doctors were not recommending hormones they were recommending anti-depressant's. I WASN’T DEPRESSED. What was going on? Why did I have so much but still felt so empty? I tried different volunteer gigs and while I really liked them and got a lot and gave a lot, that wasn’t it either. What was it?

I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time. Not a lot of weight but enough to make me feel uncomfortable in my skin and have a bad body image. I’ve been on every weight loss/management program out there. I would loose and gain and loose and gain. We all know that game. While I was in sales I had a really great expense account to wine and dine my corporate clients and the weight gain kept coming. Oh, and so did the over-drinking because how can you entertain and eat and not drink? Right?

So here I was, trying to stop over-eating, trying to stop over-drinking and feeling like a failure when I kept seeing these annoying ads pop up on Facebook and You Tube about how to lose weight for good with this Life Coach. I was so annoyed with these ads that I wanted to sign up just to show her that I was different and I would be her first failure. So I signed up just to prove her wrong. There was a money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose when I didn’t lose the weight.

Here’s where things got crazy. Although I was sure I wouldn’t lose weight, I went all in. I did the work. (And by the way it was easier than I thought) I showed up and did the work. Before I knew it, I was down 15lbs!! It took almost 6 months but who cares, I was losing. AND… I used the principles to stop over-drinking! AND… I used the principles to hone my time-management skills. Now I was crushing it at work like never before. I was beginning to see the fog clear. I was coming alive again.

There was something to this Coaching thing. What the heck was it?

Here’s what it was. I wasn’t relying on things outside of myself to make me happy. Not the food, not the booze, not the sales awards, not the houses and the stuff. I had found how to make ME happy and you know how simple it was? It was as simple as learning that my thoughts create my feelings, my feelings drive my actions and my actions create my results. THAT’S IT!

Now, I’m not going to tell you it was always easy because our thoughts are powerful and ingrained in our brains, but it was that simple. I just needed to understand how my brain worked.

If this sound familiar to you or you think you could use a coach to help you excel in this sport of life, reach out for a meet and greet.

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