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Thoughtful Thursday: Episode 10

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday’s, a weekly series where we explore our brains, one thought at a time, and learn how our thoughts either move us forward or hold us back.

Today’s topic is thoughts about ourselves.

Hello Everyone:

Welcome to the last Thursday in December 2020. WHAT A YEAR IT’S BEEN.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is ready for the new year. Are you ready for the new year? Have you been having a lot of thoughts about what the new year will bring? Are those thoughts creating feelings that you would rather not feel? Are you taking action from a good place and creating good results or are your feelings keeping you spinning in confusion and overwhelm? NOTHING HAS GONE WRONG HERE. You have a perfectly normal functioning brain.

Today I wanted to address the idea of thoughts about yourself. How do you think about yourself? Are your thoughts about yourself different today than they were a year ago? Will you have the same thoughts a year from now? Have you always had these thoughts about yourself? These are questions that deserve answers. We are going into another year of uncertainty and what we think about ourselves will determine if we will thrive or just survive. Think about that. Will you thrive or just survive. Do you love your answers to all the questions above? No? Decide to change the answers. Yep, that easy, DECIDE.

Our thoughts (another word for beliefs) are made up BY US!! We get to chose what we think about ourselves and for most of us, we are not very kind to ourselves. We criticize, judge, berate and compare ourselves to others. Would you talk to a friend in need the way that you talk to yourself? Probably not. THEN STOP DOING IT TO YOURSELF.

Every time you tell yourself that you’re not good enough, smart, good looking, talented, or worthy, you deepen the belief of this in your brain so when you do try to overcome one of these, your brain will talk back to you and say “remember, you said it yourself, you’re not good enough so just go back to the couch and relax.” I get coached on this all the time. I used to tell myself that I was a “type A”, a “perfectionist”, but the reality was these were just words I used to not even try. I would say things like “this work isn’t perfect yet so I won’t put it into the world. I’ll keep working on it until it’s perfect”. HA, it was all good enough. I just didn’t think I was good enough to have my voice heard, but no more. HEAR ME ROAR.

I have an exercise for you. Write down 3 beliefs about yourself and then imagine that your friend is saying them to you, what is your response to them? Are you kind and understanding when you listen to your friend? Do you think of all the reasons they are wrong about their thoughts and give them examples? Do you reassure them that they don’t see in themselves what others see? Now do this to yourself. Tell yourself all of the things you would tell your friend. Most of what we tell ourselves is a lie but we’ve forgotten how to see all that we have accomplished.

In the next year, I challenge you to have different, better thoughts about yourself. To remember how far you’ve come, how much you’ve accomplished. You are worthy right now. Nothing has to change. Those other thoughts are not serving you so change them.

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Until we meet again, choose your thoughts, they are all yours.

Kim Jolicoeur is a Certified Life and Stop Overdrinking Coach helping people regain control of their lives, one thought at a time. For a free consultation go to

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